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07 January 2010

deep freeze

It continues to be a deep freeze here in O-ville.  It snowed about 5 inches yesterday, and this morning, those five inches blow gustily into white drifts and dunes.  The dawn shows itself blue-gray cold out the window, and the forecast promises only more of the same, only colder if such is possible.  It's difficult to imagine more cold than zero, but such is the prediction of the temperature to come in the next couple of days.  Friday's high is predicted to be -2, with the low at -23, before the windchill is factored in. 

Functioning in the cold is full of inconvenience.  Inconvenience such as frost on the windows inside the car!  Here's a shot from the interior of the car on Monday mid-day.  Those snowflakes- frost on the inside of the windshield.  The passenger door lock froze on Monday, so the girls had to crawl in through the drivers side, and by the time they did, the drivers doorlatch froze and wouldn't shut.  A few bangs and the latch would finally engage.  Yesterday I parked the van in our very narrow drive, and opened the door to get out.  At that point, the van slid, and the open door dredged up a mound of snow.  So, I had to dig the door out just to close it. 

I guess in this weather, it's good to keep a sense of humor, be thankful for boots and mittens, and look forward to warmer days ahead!


norsk said...

Aaah, the snow and cold! If only it would be just snow, eh? It's no fun when you can't safely play outside because of the temps. Grab some hot cocoa and a good movie, I say. LOL.

B said...

Wow. It's beautiful, though. That said from a Louisianian/North Carolinian who very rarely sees snow! B.