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03 January 2010

End of 2009 Reading Meme

Here is a (mostly) book meme, courtesy of PalmTreePundit, courtesy of others before her.  It's a wrap up of reading for 2009.

I fell short of the goals I set for reading through 2009.  My bookshelves are bigger than my reading time, I guess.  And, in truth, I waste time when I could be reading.  (damn Bejeweled!)

I still read more non-fiction than fiction.  That's been true since I learned to read.  (my first love- the biography shelf at Mark Twain Elementary School...) 
I'm still working on War and Peace.  (I think I can, I think I can...)
I'm starting my list for 2010.
How many books read in 2009?
How many fiction and non fiction?
Male/Female author ratio?
Favourite book of 2009?
Hannah Coulter, Towards Jerusalem, Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment
Least favourite?
(besides the ones I never finished...?) Don't Sleep, There are Snakes
Oldest book read?
Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment
Longest and shortest book titles?
Kabul 24 & Same Kind of Different as Me: A Modern Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together
Longest and shortest books?
War and Peace (which I am not even CLOSE to finishing! sigh.) & Letter to My Daughter
Any re-reads? 
I read All Things for Good twice
Favourite character of the year?

Ruth from Housekeeping (in a haunting sort of way), Brother Yun from The Heavenly Man (absolutely unwavering faith through horrendous persecution)
Which book wouldn’t you have read without someone’s specific recommendation?
Sarah's Key (thanks Shannon!)
Which author was new to you in 2009 that you now want to read the entire works of?
Wendell Berry
Did you read any books you have always been meaning to read?
I started War and Peace, but haven't yet finished it.
Did you learn anything about yourself and blogging this year?
- my constant challenge in writing on the blog is how to tell the stories that really impress me day by day without compromising the trust of the people in them.
- I still worry about how my posts are interpreted, by both those who know me and those who don't.
- there is so much to think about!  so much to do!  so many places to go and people to meet. I am not very tolerant of people who say they are bored! 
- I enjoy writing on the blog so much more than writing on Facebook.  I never know what to say on Facebook.  My status seems so stupid when I look at it.
- I want to change my blog template, but I'm chicken that I'll just mess it all up.  Like the Cowardly Lion, perhaps I need a bit of Courage...
Pressing on in 2010!

(photo- that's the bookshelf next to my bed.  Yes- my mom, and my dad, both taught me better!  Don't think less of them because of my example!)


ashley said...

A messy, overflowing bookshelf is 100 times better than an orderly, barely full bookshelf.

C and J said...

AND, currently, your mom's bookshelf looks much the same way! SO many books, so little time! And to think I used to feel guilty about reading! What a blessing to have books! Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams in 1815, "I cannot live without books." Enjoy every page! XOXOXOXO

Julie said...

Man, I could've written the "what did you learn" part. I agree across the board (FB makes me feel dumb too). Yes, hardest part about blogging is telling your stories, being honest about your life, while respecting your relationships and other people's privacy. If you figure out the secret to doing this, please share. :)

Hears to more reading and more blogging in 2010!

caron said...

GILEAD. read "gilead".

or if you want m. robinson's non-fiction, try "the death of adam".