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15 January 2010


"These people have nowhere else to go," Anne Wanlund said as she picked pieces of concrete out of a woman's head wound. 

Picking pieces of concrete out of a woman's head.

Reading about the tragedy,
the devastation,
the suffering,
the chaos,
in Haiti sucks my breath away.

I can't really get my mind around the reality of walking through a street morgue, looking for loved ones.
Or waiting for water and food, when the airport is "overburdened," and the seaport is "thought to be too damaged to accept cargo ships."
Or of the smell of death, a smell that permeates the air.

I am praying for Haiti.
For relief from suffering.
For order in chaos. 
For God's abundant mercy to comfort the people of Haiti.

Two groups that our family is personally involved with are collecting funds for Haiti relief efforts, and are worthy of your consideration.
MTW is working with local pastors and church partners and is working to send Disaster Response Teams as soon as possible.  They are accepting funds through the Minutemen for Missions.
Compassion International works with local churches to assist children and families.  Funds collected for Haiti Earthquake Relief will be used to immediately provide for Compassion-assisted children and families.
(photo credit to the London Telegraph)


Michelle said...

Thanks for passing along the information.

I have watched the coverage and shed more than a few tears. It is a terrible tragedy.

C and J said...

We share your concerns and compassion, and are praying and giving. Thank you! XOXOXO